Day detailed Problem for the its one hundred ideal es Agee B

Day detailed Problem for the its one hundred ideal es Agee B

P5. Lit: Terre Haute, During the, 1871, their a few best erican Catastrophe, work at impoverished protagonists attempting to make the ways from the world; indicates individuals have absolutely nothing command over the destinies. Theodore Dreiser C. Sherwood

six. Music: Chicago, 1937, very early Elvis aper; hit they huge which have Teen-Ages Break. Hint: Boone’s composing paper. An effective. Frankie Avalon B. Ricky Nelson C. Carl Perkins D. Tommy Sands

P7. People: Butte, MT, 1916, comedian whom starred opposite other comics [[Bob Promise, W. C. Areas, Abbot and you can Costello, and Joe Elizabeth. Brownish.) Including Brown, she was recognized for that have a massive throat. An effective. Martha Beam B. Betty White C. Gracie Allen D. Jean Stapleton

P8. Potluck: Pittsburgh, 1933, created generally with the ladies hopes and dreams their actual internal selves, unlike some sort of picture of most readily useful womanhood. My Wonders Garden, My personal Mom/Myself personally and you will Female above have all already been confronted with large praise and severe problem. Hint: Daniel Defoe Good. Nancy Tuesday B. Anas Nin C. Kathy Acker D. Ann Rice

Sinclair Lewis D

P9. Quotes: Stuttgart, 1770, philosopher, authored on Ubermensch, the fresh new over the top son, whoever concludes justify the new mode in the event the their requirements is actually good. Laws was broken towards popular a. To him Napoleon is actually instance a person. “Draw so it really, your pleased boys from step! You are, at all, only unconscious devices of one’s males out-of envision.” Hint: extraordinary guy, perhaps not superman. A good. Baruch Spinoza B. Immanuel Kant C. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel D. Friedrich Nietzsche

P10. Sci/Tech: 1875, P.E. Lecoq de Boisbaudran, an effective chemist, learns another feature, a steel, 75 grams extracted from cuatro a lot of ore, he named they after their country. Which function? Hint: Omnia est A. Scandium B. Gallium C. Germanium D. Indium

P11. Sports: Cootamundra, The Southern Wales, 1908, Don Bradman, believed by the most the brand new Hottie Ruth of their recreation. His profession test suits average was an astounding . Exactly what recreation? Hint: envision LBW. An effective. Darts B. Polo D. Rugby

Cricket C

P12. Screen: Nyc, 1943, within the a huge amount of video clips: In search of Mr. Goodbar [[Support Oscar nom.); played reverse Steve McQueen from the Cincinnati Man. Hint: Norse god out of unmarried treat and you can/or Morrie. An excellent. Susan Sarandon B. Uma Thorman C. Sigourney Weaver D. Monday Weld

thirteen. Most Borrowing: Coolidge’s Vp, banker, Nobel Honor. Hint: Can be way more revered than just Revere Good. Hannibal Hamlin B. Charles Grams. Dawes C. Charles W. Fairbanks D. Charles Curtis

P1. Art/Culture: Produced in Birmingham, British, within the 1833, Pre-Raphaelite Course singer [[The fresh new Beguiling of Merlin) known having rejuvenating the art of tarnished mug. Hint: Steamin’ and you can a beneficial-rollin’ A great. William Morris B. William Bell Scott C. Edward Poynter D. Edward Burne-Jones

2. Geo: In 1955, Emmet Till, 14 year-old African American teen-ager from Chicago visiting down south murdered for allegedly flirting with 21 year-old white woman. In what benighted state are we? A. Alabama B. Georgia C. Mississippi D. Louisiana Hint: The Hospitality State

P3. History/Politics: On this time from inside the 1963, from the February on Washington having Services and you can Independence, a good Baptist minister brings one of the half a dozen top speeches when you look at the American record. Hint: 95 to your home. A beneficial. Malcolm X. B. Adam Clayton Powell C. Jesse Jackson D. Martin Luther Queen, Jr.

4. Lang: London area, 1906, poet, copywriter, broadcaster, Oxfordian, described themselves into the That has Who as good “poet and you will deceive”; United kingdom Poet Laureate, 1972 until dying 1984. Founding affiliate Victorian Area. His teddybear is the brand spanking new to have Sebastian Flyte’s for the Brideshead. Hint: Ten dollars the guy to be real a tool. A good. Philip Larkin B. Louis MacNeice C. John Betjeman D. Cecil Big date-Lewis