The guy and April avoided matchmaking out-of Exes and you will Ohhhs right after which, Axl build a great break into the Lexie

The guy and April avoided matchmaking out-of Exes and you will Ohhhs right after which, Axl build a great break into the Lexie

Bio [ ]

Axl are an excellent freshman within Orson Packed with seasons 1, then proceeded his education because the a corporate big from the East Indiana County School toward a football grant. From inside the seasons 5, Axl had a school roomie, Kenny, however the guy been coping with his friend and you find a hookup in Kent can recreations teammate, Hutch, exactly who the guy still lifestyle within Year six. Some periods afterwards, Kenny yields in Axl and Hutch’s college or university space. Inside Year 8, Axl first started relationship April, and therefore culminated within rash (and ill-planned) relationship and you will then annulment away from told you relationships. Although not, they went on dating. It started dating from the Level-tay. The guy and you will Lexie said the very first “I like You” from inside the Mommapalooza. Throughout the show finale, Axl and Lexie wed and just have three guys you to work exactly like himself once the a teenager.

Personality [ ]

Axl try, in many ways, the new stereotypical old brother: sarcastic, sluggish, self-centered, rude, and regularly mean in order to his siblings. He tend to really does one thing instead consent, wants anybody else to get immediately after him, moans incase questioned doing anything that is similar to works, and you can choose to spend time together with household members than just feel having their nearest and dearest. But not, they have a good cardiovascular system such as the anybody else carry out, immediately after forfeiting a ball video game to regain their old boyfriend-wife, Morgan.

Axl, as opposed to his sisters, is apparently well-known at school and you may very personal, being a superstar user to the Orson Highschool sports people, yet the guy will not prosper in school including they actually do. He has got started frozen, delivered to june college or university, and, during the one-point, had Stone carry out a book summary of Moby Penis to have your simply in advance of he stated knowledge him just how to stop a basketball.

With his ongoing trouble and the multiple things they land him inside the, Axl is probably many difficult to deal with to own Mike and you may Frankie, who wants however become more discover along with her, as he are frequently a highly enjoying ”momma’s man” when he is actually a kid, anything Frankie seems to have to recapture. And their constant selfishness, Axl is a little regarding a keen egotist, commonly making reference to themselves as the ”awesome” and you can bringing up his high advice from his appears.

Matchmaking [ ]

During the 12 months step 1 Episode eleven ”The fresh new Shorts,” Axl times a woman named Kate, however in Season step 1 Occurrence 15 Romantic days celebration the guy mentions it split up. After throughout the seasons, Axl handled an in-regarding relationship with their ”basic like”, Morgan, but ultimately it separated permanently. A continual theme owing to his highschool ages contains him are fooled/otherwise deceived with the bringing Strange Ashley so you’re able to prom. In the elderly year out-of senior school, he was tutored from the valedictorian, Cassidy, and additionally they began relationships up until they separated in his freshman seasons of college or university. After, he old Devin Levin, the fresh cousin off their mother’s barber. That it finished after they collectively decided to see someone else. Into the Season 8, he began matchmaking April, brand new ”passion for their lives”. From inside the Seasons 8 Occurrence 8 (”Travels and you will Fall”), after knowing that none of the mothers approved, it generated the newest hasty and you may ill-told choice to obtain partnered. The wedding was quickly voided inside 12 months 8 Occurrence 9 (”An incredibly Get married Christmas”). The guy left April into the Exes and you can Ohhhs. When he knew he’d build break to the Lexie. The guy become dating Lexie by This new Par-tay. He and you can Lexie said their first “I really like You”s for the Mommapalooza. On Show Finale, Axl and you can Lexie get married and then have around three males one function like themselves because an adolescent.